"I see myself in these teenage girls and that's why I started Flourish Girl" 


Hi my name is Mandy Kota and I’m the founder of Flourish Girl.

I  grew up in Sydney, Australia (Now a proud Melbournian!), went to school at Pymble Ladies College (which is an incredible all girl's private school),  then went to Sydney University to study a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology). After working as a qualified speech pathologist for 2 years, I found myself questioning what my true purpose was (some people may call it a quarter life crisis haha!?)

One day as I was sitting in my room, I started to reflect back about my high school years and I started to think about why did some of my friends hate school and why did some of them love school?

Where was the breakdown?

I asked myself the question - who was I as a teenage girl? ”

The biggest thing for me was that I always wanted to fit in. I always made sure that I had lots of friends who liked me, I wanted boys to like me, I wanted to have really 'cool' social media accounts, I wanted to make sure that my parents were proud of me...the list goes on. I really did feel the pressure to be a certain way as a teenage girl.


“What I realised was that I was so focused on fitting in that I wasn’t able to be my true self and this made me really insecure....”

.... I remember always wanting to make excuses to not go swimming because I didn’t want people to judge me about my legs. I remember not wanting to speak up because I didn’t want to lose any friends or any boys that I liked.

Me now as a Twenty Something started to think - If only I got present to all the things in my life that held me back from being myself during high school.  Imagine how much I could have achieved by now?!

If only there was a voice that told me that I could be my true self as a teenager, a voice that told me that beauty wasn’t based on your physical appearance.

Then I remembered God telling me that I needed to be that voice.


Mandy Kota
Founder & CEO