nourish to flourish school workshops (90 minutes/ HALF DAY & FULL DAY OPTIONS AVAILABLE ) 

Nourish to Flourish workshops are workshops that focus on creating safe spaces for teenage girls to explore topics on comparison, social pressures, body image and perfectionism. 

These workshops are facilitated by Founder and Trained Facilitator Mandy Kota. Mandy shares her stories when she was a teenage girl and empowers teenage girls to fully express themselves when they are with their friends and teachers at school to family members at home. 


the flourish girl program (Mother daughter 3 day retreat) 

The FLOURISH GIRL Program is a 3 day transformational program that will focus on empowering your daughter to transition from girl to becoming an unstoppable woman, and will help empower you as their mother be able to let go, trust and transition into the role of ‘wisdom giver’ and nurturer. This program will give you and your daughter the tools you need together to create a relationship of deeper connection and communication.  You and your daughter will leave this program reaffirming the strong love you have for each other. You as a mother, will get to see your daughter increase in confidence and self esteem. This program will be the catalyst to experience an adult to adult relationship you’ve always wanted with your daughter.

The FLOURISH GIRL Program will be COMING SOON IN 2019.


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